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EurofilesTM Filing System


EurofilesTM will make you better organized and more efficient.  Studies show that you can retrieve documents six times faster with the EurofilesTM filing system than with ordinary file folders.  Let us show you how to be more organized and in control while saving your valuable time.


The system begins with a better binder!

The EurofilesTM binder-ingeniously designed, incredibly rugged, and built to withstand the rigors of daily use.  EurofilesTM binders look great and work well.


Large Color Selection

Color-code your files for quick identification and ultra fast retrieval.


Spine Label

Our super-large spine label makes it easy to view the contents of your binder.


Finger Hole

Why do our binders have a hole? Simple.  The finger hold makes it easy to remove the binders from shelves.


Lever Arm

Have you ever been able to open rings with just one finger?  Now you can with our effortless one-touch lever.  It takes the chore out of filing and retrieving documents.


Compressor Bar

The compressor bar holds pages securely in place, reducing the stress that can cause page holes to tear.


Ball & Socket Ring Design

As ring designs go, EurofileTM rings are smooth operators.  The unique design ensures rings close perfectly and pages turn smoothly time after time.  Rings are spaced for use with a standard two-hold punch.


Fast Access to Information

Thanks to the exclusive two-ring system, you find documents fast. Simply flip pages down from the top or up from the bottom -- and every letterhead, date and page number pops up before your eyes. No more clumsy, haphazard searches through manila file folders or three-ring binders.


Ordering is Easy!

Simply give us a call at (928) 855-9846.

We’d be happy to send you a full color brochure, including prices.


There’s no better time to get organized than right now!



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